‘A Lily for Benjamin’ and ‘A Light Shines into the Darkness of my Soul’

‘A Lily for Benjamin’ and ‘A Light Shines into the Darkness of my Soul’

The details for both of these poems and works of art can be found here on Heart & Soul Poetry & Praise section of the Time Made Beautiful website.

Here are some samples of the art:

Heart & Soul Poetry & Praise
‘A Lily for Benjamin’ in a nursery above and in an office below.

Art by Tonya Brill
‘A Light Shines into the Darkness of my Soul’ above a fireplace above and in an office below.

To Purchase go to my Etsy shop TimeMadeBeautiful

I will post more for your enjoyment as I am able to make them available to you.

Love and Life,


PS. Check out the videos and stories to the art here Heart & Soul Poetry & Praise

Hearts in Nature Collection

Hearts in Nature Collection is now available in TimeMadeBeautiful on Etsy. Here is a quick preview of what is available right now…

TimeMadeBeautiful on Etsy
Hearts in Nature Collection. Photographer: Tonya M. Brill of Photos by Tonya Time Made Beautiful, TimeMadeBeautiful shop on Etsy, and Heart & Soul Poetry & Praise.

I have great memories capturing each Heart. Top Left is ‘Astillbe My Heart’ captured when the walkway extended to the old country apple tree. The Astillbe thrived along that walkway. Long since gone now, this was a memory of a beautiful day. If you know anything about an Astillbe, then you know it only grows in random circular blooms. When I saw this was in a heart shape I knew I had to capture it. I just felt like God was sending me little messages to let me know He cares. Truly He does.

Top Center is ‘Heart Toadstool’ captured when I had a pile of logs along the deck for use in the wood burner. As the winter drew on and became very wet for that year, I got to watch as this heart slowly emerged. Seeing it take heart shape I decided to watch it continue to develop during the year until I captured what you see here. While it was a true joy to watch this slowly take shape, the log pile had to be dismantled due to an ant infestation. Because the wood had remained too wet it was not able to be burned. No worries, the EPA had come through town and had made everyone change from septic tanks to sewer system. They left me a big whole in the yard. So that is where the pile of wood went…compost style. It now grows beautifully thick green grass. Ah, the  memories lol.

Top Right is ‘Country Snow Heart’ captured after a snow storm. I remember as clear as day. I walked outside with my camera to see what I could capture. Always something interesting after a snow storm if you have a mind to bundle up so your hands don’t shake as you take photographs. It was cold and still windy. I looked over at my cousin, Tim’s, shelter for the goats across the fence line that divides our properties and there it was. A perfect heart in snow with each half mirroring the other almost perfectly. As soon as I captured this image the wind blew and the heart was gone. This is the only image of that moment in time. It reminds me of how delicate, fragile, and brief time is. We often think of it stretching on to eons, especially when we are doing what we do not like to do. However, it really is brief. It is linear and eternal. In one linear second that heart was gone. However, I get to share its essence with you eternally. It continues to live on in the eyes of everyone who beholds it. That’s powerful. That’s God. Right place. Right time.

Bottom Left is ‘Love in a Dry Place’ captured of course during one of our yearly droughts. Yeah, Ohio is some state lol. Freezing you in the winter, drown you in the spring, give you drought in the summer, then compost you in leaves in the autumn while making your eyes tear up and bringing allergies to an all time high. I was carrying in the groceries from my car to the house and noticed this little heart shape bit of grass. I grabbed the camera, of course! I at first wasn’t sure it would fit in with the other images…its just grass. Nothing really spectacular about it other than it was heart shaped and still green in a drought. I had to sit on this one a little bit. I realized God was telling me that He was taking care of me no matter the season…of weather or of life. How could I not think it would fit right in? Its special because it was still green and growing in spite of a drought. So it is with all those who believe in God. We will still be green and growing in spite of life’s droughts and we are still loved. I am very happy to conclude that ‘Love in a Dry Place’ does indeed belong with all of the Hearts of Nature Collection.

Bottom Middle is ‘Morning Glory Leaf Heart’ one of the very first photos captured in this collection. There used to be a little purple Morning Glory that would grow beside the old fence that faced the front yard. I haven’t seen it for a long while. While trying to capture the color purple of its flower (purple is a hard one for digital cameras to capture properly…they usually tend to make it too blue) I decided to also capture its leaf as it is the shape of a heart. I had seen other photographers capture various foliage and thought it would be neat to try my hand at it. I have had ‘Morning Glory Leaf Heart’ sitting in a table top stand for 3 years next to my couch. After receiving many compliments on it, I felt it time to reveal the Hearts in Nature Collection instead of keeping it all to myself.

Bottom Right is ‘Wasp Nest Community Heart’ an amazing find that was built by wasps on the end of a wild grapevine attached to the garage at the end of my property. When I saw that it took my breath away. I had to lean up tight against the fence and contort my body to get the right angle so that you too could see this beauty of a heart. All the other wasp nests that I have seen have never ever been shaped like a heart. The preacher at church was teaching about what all we could accomplish if we as the church, the body of Christ, came together as an actual community instead of as strangers sitting in pews. Break bread together, help each other, see to each others needs, encourage each other, have real relationships/friendships and not be fake/false. Community=Love. Talk about an example of what working together as a community should look like. These wasps are teaching humans what can be accomplished in an act of coming together. Community. Home. Future. Love. To me Love=Jesus.

Hearts in nature are everywhere for you to see if you just open up your heart to see them.

Be blessed my peeps!

Love and Life,


Just an Update Here

Hey folks!

Together we raised a total of $420 for Open Arms Pregnancy Centers Walk for Life Event. I cannot thank you all enough for your support of our community. OAPC raised over $18,000.

Unfortunately I had to modify my walk due to the fact that the arch in my foot dropped again. Therefore, I was only able to walk a very short distance around my house. Due to the pain in my foot I did not take any photos. I had originally planned to take my camera and take photos of the scenery during the walk. On the prior years I had taken photos with my phone. I also had to cut back at work as a nurse a little bit too due to my foot. I worked my regular shifts but was unable to pick up any overtime hours.

The morning of the walk I had just finished a 7 night straight stretch so I was hurting pretty bad. I did make it into Cambridge to turn in the paperwork and donations. They took my picture but I probably looked a fright LOL. I have not seen them use it. I can only imagine from the pain I was in that my picture probably looked like Frankenstein’s cousin. Oh my!

Here is an assumption of what I might have looked like that morning:

Me as a Zombie
Me as a Zombie…The Frankenme?

Actually, I think I looked worse on that morning than in this picture LOL. Such is life. Some days are up days and some days are down days. Next year tho….I’ll make sure my foot is in good shape. 😉 We will tackle that walk just like we did in the previous years.

As for now, I am still working on making art. I am talking to a few people about possible baby and or maternity sessions…oh the cuteness…I can hardly wait!

TimeMadeBeautiful on Etsy will have more items available soon. The drafts are ready on some items but I have ordered test prints first. If the test prints are worthy then the items will appear for sale in my shop. I always do a test print on the art that I sell. My monitors and WHCC printers are calibrated so that what I see on my monitor is what they print. Yet still, I prefer to do test prints; Artist Proofs are what they are called. I just want to make sure that what I sell in my shop is of good quality and exactly what I saw on my monitor. That way you won’t be disappointed with your purchase.

Heart & Soul Poetry & Praise on YouTube has many poems in the works in various stages of development with art accompanying many of the poems. ‘A Lily for Benjamin’ was recently released there and dedicated to all those who have lost a child whether it be by miscarriage, sickness, accidental death, or even other nefarious means. My heart goes out to you all.

At this time I would like to take time for a shout out to my elderly neighbor woman who is as spry as a chicken. She keeps an eye on my house and the goings on there day and night. She has also taken it upon herself to tend to my yard as she believes working odd hours and busy shifts is no excuse for a unkempt yard and flowerbeds. I do miss my lavender. She mistook it as a weed. She has informed me to put stones around the plants I intend to keep LOL.  I am trying to comply. I have even fenced in my tomatoes and my Russian Sage as I already know she thinks its a weed. However, without her help, my yard most surely would look unkempt right now. Thank you God for my neighbor woman. 🙂 As soon as this C-vid crap lifts and the restaurants open we are making a trip to Amish country.  Looking forward to a change of pace and a good meal that I don’t have to cook myself.

Oh yeah, and I still have to start the cooking channel that I have promised everyone. Too many irons in the fire? Maybe, but it keeps me out of trouble and the bills paid.

Love and Life,


P.S. I also took a day off from everything and attended the most beautiful wedding I have ever been to. I cried from the beginning to the end. Now that was a celebration full of joy, love, life, and a testimony of Christ. Total awesomeness! The wedding photogs did an amazing job both in capture and in post production. It couldn’t have happened at a better time.  Love, love, love…


Open Arms Pregnancy Center’s Walk for Life Event 2020

Hey folks,

OAPC will be doing their Walk for Life Event May 9th. Due to the Governor’s latest updates on opening up Ohio we will each be walking where we are instead of meeting in a group at the Cambridge City Park. Each participant in this year’s walk will take pictures showing where they walked. These photos will later be posted on OAPC’s website and/or Facebook page.

I thank everyone who has donated so far. I also thank the businesses that have continued to support me each year in Open Arms Pregnancy Center’s Walk for Life Event: Bundy-Law Funeral home, Black-Epperson Funeral Homes Inc, and Moore Bros. Hardware Inc.

When you donate you save lives, help women become educated on all choices available to them, educate families in giving better care to their children and equip them with better communication skills, help women get free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds. The money that you donate stays here in our community, our county and surrounding counties.

Please, help me support Open Arms Pregnancy Center’s mission to provide women with the physical, emotional and spiritual support they need as they face unplanned pregnancies. Please click here to donate.

You can follow all my updates about OAPC on my Facebook page.

Thank you!

Love and Life,

Tonya  🙂

P.S. Of course I’ll post photos here from my walk on May 9th (if it rains then I will walk on another day that isn’t raining).  😉


Safety First! Not All Is As It Appears!

Now that I have your attention, let’s talk about safety. Not all is as it appears in photos. A lot of pre-planning and know-how go into some photos. Here are some examples with some before and after photos to help you understand what goes into making some of those popular photos on the web. And, yes, Photoshop knowledge is yet another tool in your photographer’s bag as well as lighting, camera, and lens. Safety, however is a must and should be exercised first.

How-to by Newborn Photographer Buffalo, Ohio
Preparation using towels behind shelf and toys to provide comfort for babies. Photos By Tonya Time Made Beautiful.
How-to for Baby Safety During Photo Session in Buffalo, Ohio
Carefully placing babies onto towels behind backdrop. Mom and Grandma holding backdrop. Photos By Tonya Time Made Beautiful.
How-to Baby Safety in Newborn Photography Photos By Tonya Time Made Beautiful.
Rings on Toes at mom’s request. Photos By Tonya Time Made Beautiful.

After color correction, cropping, compositing 2 photos together to give mom what she desired (an image with their wedding rings on their infant’s toes), and editing in a wall background in Photoshop here is the finished result:

Specialized Art from Your Newborn Session with Photos By Tonya Time Made Beautiful.
Twins, teddybears, and a lion oh my! Photos By Tonya Time Made Beautiful.

Safety and comfort was practiced by the whole session taking place on top of towels under a blanket backdrop laid on the floor.

Yeah, but what about the one with the baby held up in the air? That’s real right?

No. That’s all a shift in perspective on how you view it. It’s actually photographed with the baby and parent’s hands on a black backdrop with the baby laying on a well stuffed beanbag for safety. Here’s before and after below:

Baby on beanbag with mom’s hands against baby’s back. I’m standing at the baby’s feet and camera overtop of them both. No stool or ladder used to stand on. Safety is important. Photos By Tonya Time Made Beautiful.
Safety First in Photography. Photos By Tonya Time Made Beautiful
Changing the way you view the image by rotating it. Photos By Tonya Time Made Beautiful.
How-to, Newborn Safety, Photos By Tonya Time Made Beautiful.
Cropping and enlarging the area above to give the illusion of the baby being held up in the dark sky. Background then painted all the same shade of black. Photos By Tonya Time Made Beautiful.
Newborn, Baby, Infant Photographer Buffalo, Byesville, Cambridge, Senecaville Ohio
Finished results after changing to iconic black and white (monochrome). Photos By Tonya Time Made Beautiful.

So, you see, not all is what it looks like when you see the final image or photo. Never place a baby on a shelf to take their picture unless said shelf is laying on the floor. Never place a baby in your hands and hold them up like in the image above to take their photo. Use the steps I just provided you with if you are going to take their photos yourself. Never allow a photographer to place your baby at risk. A knowledgeable photographer knows the tricks on how to obtain the photo you desire without placing you or your baby at risk.

Love and Life,


More Cuteness and Why Its Important to…

More cuteness, I just cannot get enough! Can you?

Today I want to talk to you about why its important to stylize your photo session long before the date of the session. One, it gives you confidence in knowing more of what to expect and what you will be receiving. Two, it sets your expectations and lets your photographer know exactly what you are expecting to receive when all is said and done. I’m not talking about what size photos here. I’m talking about the style. What you want to express or capture for a lifetime. Three, it  communicates your wishes to your photographer ahead of time so all is ready when it is time for your photography session.  You and your photographer can move right ahead into the session without worries as concerns have been already addressed, props chosen, backgrounds chosen, and colors coordinated ahead of time. It also saves you time, stress, and worry so you can relax and enjoy your session. It address all your questions ahead of time. If you don’t know or understand something, just ask.  This is a very important part of the service you are paying for. Do not skip it.

The results of a stylized photo session looks like this:

Baby Photographer Buffalo, Byesville, Cambridge, Senecaville Ohio
Cuteness overload! Photos By Tonya Time Made Beautiful
Happy Family. Photos By Tonya Time Made Beautiful
Newborn Photographer Guernsey County, Buffalo, Byesville, Cambridge, Senecaville OH
Rings and Toes, A Mom’s Request. Photos By Tonya Time Made Beautiful

Remember, talk to your photographer ahead of time and stylize your photo session to have the memories captured that you want. Do not skip this time. It is important.


Love and Life,



Perfect in Every Way

As promised, some of my latest work with twins. We had a fun time. The originally planned 2 hour photo session turned into 3 hrs long because “somebody” couldn’t get enough to eat lol. I’ll give you a hint…he’s wearing blue.  This is why 2 hours are planned for a newborn or infant session. You never know what will happen and its better to just take care of the kiddos and go with the flow. Less stress on all involved and happier babies. These kiddos will probably be running around barefoot as soon as they learn to walk lol. They kept kicking the wrappings off. They are perfect in every way. Simply beautiful.

Newborn Photographer Guernsey County, Ohio
Snips and snails and puppydog tails. Photos By Tonya Time Made Beautiful
Newborn, Infant, Baby Photographer Buffalo, Ohio
Twins…Life is better together. Photos By Tonya Time Made Beautiful
Newborn, Infant, Baby Photographer Buffalo, Byesville, Cambridge, Senecaville, Ohio
Sugar and spice and everything nice. Photos By Tonya Time Made Beautiful

Love and Life,


Multiples, 2 Jobs, and a Burning Passion for Art

My younger sister became a grandmother. The twins, yes, twins have so many grandmothers and great-grandmothers that  they will be calling my sister Gigi. 🙂 We are all smiles.

Yes, of course I did their photos lol. I could not resist, are you kidding me?  So sweet and perfect in every way. Love, love, love. Here is the new Facebook timeline cover to wet your taste for later posts. 😉

Newborn, Infant, Maternity Photographer and Artist
Photos By Tonya Time Made Beautiful

Now how cute are those little toes in their parents loving hands? More to come later…

As far as Heart & Soul Poetry & Praise, I have been making plans, working on Art and am almost finished with that burning inferno called Anxiety. I can’t wait to release it to you but it needs just a few more tweaks to make it right.

My apologies for not posting as often as I would like but working 2 jobs does keep me busy. I thank you for your time and patience. I keep pressing forward knowing that it is all worth it in the end.


Love and Life,


Film, Fire, and Blood…all for ‘Anxiety’

Photos By Tonya Time Made Beautiful_Heart & Soul Poetry & Praise
Anxiety (Unfinished Version)

This is a work in progress…13 photos represented so far and more to be taken and added. 4 1/2 hours of work just blending these together so far. That does not count the hours spent taking photos. Most of these came from the times I would sit in front of the wood burner. The grave stones were from a drive in the country. The rest still has to be taken. It all has to be believable by the time I am done. This is not easy but it is enjoyable to make another world.

When done this photo will be with the poem ‘Anxiety’ that I wrote a little while ago. I will then have to record the poem and upload it all to Heart & Soul Poetry & Praise on YouTube. It doesn’t end there. I have to upload it to TimeMadeBeautiful on Etsy too and to Photos By Tonya Time Made Beautiful on Facebook. Before I can do all that I also have to order a test print from the photo lab to proof the art. It has to be as close to perfect as I can get it. Thankfully WHCC printers do match what I am seeing on my monitor.

What’s that? Did I really burn film in the wood burner. Why, yes. Yes, I did. I was getting rid of a lot of memories. There is a stack of photos in there too just under some of the film on the right. Why I even have a photo in there of my own blood. Who knew an epistaxis in the winter would come in handy some day? I photographed it years ago and added it just below the grave stones. I really want to demonstrate how bad anxiety looks and the toll it takes on us but also how we can overcome it. After all, at some point in time I did make it out of that cage in ‘Walls of the Mind’.

So rest assured my people, I have not forgotten about you. I am creating…good things take time…sometimes…other times God just blows on it and things take off to the point that you feel like you can fly…and maybe, just maybe, in your spirit you are.

Love and Life,