Tonya M. Brill

Hello, my name is Tonya. Welcome to Time Made Beautiful.

I cannot separate the Photographer from the Artist from the Poet. I am all three. I am the Modern Renaissance Woman. I am a Storyteller.

Renaissance: /ˈrɛnəsɑːns/ Noun. A French word meaning “rebirth.” The revival of art and literature under the influence of classical models in the 14th-16th centuries.

Storytelling: This juxtaposition of two words is the term used for the action of telling a story with words, images, and sounds.

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Walls of the Mind (Written 8-17-2007)

Fears and tears and walls so strong
bar the heart and encage the mind.
Feelings of misgivings making life seem wrong
rouse voices from the past that are most unkind.

Afraid to move forward, knowing you cannot stay behind,
in unchartered territory putting your best foot first,
You desire a new tomorrow as your past plays in rewind.
All in the thoughts of your mind, you fear the worst.

With something hidden deep in your heart,
you trudge forward step by step, then stop and weep.
How can you begin anew and gain a new start?
With your life in solitude you bury your heart deep.

Here is my hand outstretched and waiting.
I can help you, if only you will reach out to try.
How long, entombed in your mind, will you keep debating?
Follow, from the darkness, the candlelight into the open air and sky.

You do not have to bar yourself and hold yourself back.
Tomorrow begins with what you choose to do today.
For all of your yearnings, you have placed yourself under attack.
For your heart’s true desire, let the LORD lead you out of the shades of gray.


Art by Tonya of Time Made Beautiful.
Walls of the Mind

Wasp Nest Community Heart by Tonya M. Brill, Artist and Photographer on Time Made Beautiful, Metallic Photographic Print, Monochrome, black and white, wall art, tabletop art Bees on Chives by Tonya M. Brill, Artist and Photographer. Time Made Beautiful. Garlic Chives.< Wasp Nest Community Heart  Bees of the Garden>

‘A Lily for Benjamin’ Art by Tonya Brill of Time Made Beautiful and Heart & Soul Poetry & Praise.
Fine Art, cotton rag, velvet paper, Giclee, Floral, Print, Art, Pink, Tonya M. Brill Artist, Time Made Beautiful, Poem
Grace is a Fine Art Gi’clee Pink Floral Print by Tonya M. Brill
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‘Anxiety’ art by Tonya Brill of Time Made Beautiful.