Walls of the Mind

Art by Tonya of Time Made Beautiful.
Walls of the Mind


‘Walls of the Mind’ is a poem about anxiety, childhood trauma, and a narcissistic parent.

Growing up as a child was rough. I had one parent who, when no one was around, would berate me. The other parent tried to instill confidence in me and encourage me. Needless to say, a wrong mindset was instilled that caused me to suffer from anxiety from grade school onward until I moved away.

Later in life I moved back to take care of the one parent I had left. Thankfully mom had mellowed out a lot with age. I even heard the words, “I’m glad I had you two kids after all.” There were five of us kids total but she was talking about the last two of us as we were born during her menopausal years of life. In fact, I was quite the surprise as she thought that she could no longer have children.

I learned how , and with God’s help, was able to forgive her for everything. I made that choice and it set me free. Realizing how the brain learns and sets feedback loops like a computer has again, with God’s help, enabled me to change that bad programming.

I actually wrote this for a friend who was suffering from great anxiety. I never realized at that time how encaged I was in my own mind. It’s nice to be free.

Check out my YouTube Video Poem of Walls of the Mind: https://youtu.be/xukdpm2si5k

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