More Cuteness and Why Its Important to…

More cuteness, I just cannot get enough! Can you?

Today I want to talk to you about why its important to stylize your photo session long before the date of the session. One, it gives you confidence in knowing more of what to expect and what you will be receiving. Two, it sets your expectations and lets your photographer know exactly what you are expecting to receive when all is said and done. I’m not talking about what size photos here. I’m talking about the style. What you want to express or capture for a lifetime. Three, it  communicates your wishes to your photographer ahead of time so all is ready when it is time for your photography session.  You and your photographer can move right ahead into the session without worries as concerns have been already addressed, props chosen, backgrounds chosen, and colors coordinated ahead of time. It also saves you time, stress, and worry so you can relax and enjoy your session. It address all your questions ahead of time. If you don’t know or understand something, just ask.  This is a very important part of the service you are paying for. Do not skip it.

The results of a stylized photo session looks like this:

Baby Photographer Buffalo, Byesville, Cambridge, Senecaville Ohio
Cuteness overload! Photos By Tonya Time Made Beautiful
Happy Family. Photos By Tonya Time Made Beautiful
Newborn Photographer Guernsey County, Buffalo, Byesville, Cambridge, Senecaville OH
Rings and Toes, A Mom’s Request. Photos By Tonya Time Made Beautiful

Remember, talk to your photographer ahead of time and stylize your photo session to have the memories captured that you want. Do not skip this time. It is important.


Love and Life,



Perfect in Every Way

As promised, some of my latest work with twins. We had a fun time. The originally planned 2 hour photo session turned into 3 hrs long because “somebody” couldn’t get enough to eat lol. I’ll give you a hint…he’s wearing blue.  This is why 2 hours are planned for a newborn or infant session. You never know what will happen and its better to just take care of the kiddos and go with the flow. Less stress on all involved and happier babies. These kiddos will probably be running around barefoot as soon as they learn to walk lol. They kept kicking the wrappings off. They are perfect in every way. Simply beautiful.

Newborn Photographer Guernsey County, Ohio
Snips and snails and puppydog tails. Photos By Tonya Time Made Beautiful
Newborn, Infant, Baby Photographer Buffalo, Ohio
Twins…Life is better together. Photos By Tonya Time Made Beautiful
Newborn, Infant, Baby Photographer Buffalo, Byesville, Cambridge, Senecaville, Ohio
Sugar and spice and everything nice. Photos By Tonya Time Made Beautiful

Love and Life,


Multiples, 2 Jobs, and a Burning Passion for Art

My younger sister became a grandmother. The twins, yes, twins have so many grandmothers and great-grandmothers that  they will be calling my sister Gigi. 🙂 We are all smiles.

Yes, of course I did their photos lol. I could not resist, are you kidding me?  So sweet and perfect in every way. Love, love, love. Here is the new Facebook timeline cover to wet your taste for later posts. 😉

Newborn, Infant, Maternity Photographer and Artist
Photos By Tonya Time Made Beautiful

Now how cute are those little toes in their parents loving hands? More to come later…

As far as Heart & Soul Poetry & Praise, I have been making plans, working on Art and am almost finished with that burning inferno called Anxiety. I can’t wait to release it to you but it needs just a few more tweaks to make it right.

My apologies for not posting as often as I would like but working 2 jobs does keep me busy. I thank you for your time and patience. I keep pressing forward knowing that it is all worth it in the end.


Love and Life,