Safety First! Not All Is As It Appears!

Now that I have your attention, let’s talk about safety. Not all is as it appears in photos. A lot of pre-planning and know-how go into some photos. Here are some examples with some before and after photos to help you understand what goes into making some of those popular photos on the web. And, yes, Photoshop knowledge is yet another tool in your photographer’s bag as well as lighting, camera, and lens. Safety, however is a must and should be exercised first.

How-to by Newborn Photographer Buffalo, Ohio
Preparation using towels behind shelf and toys to provide comfort for babies. Photos By Tonya Time Made Beautiful.
How-to for Baby Safety During Photo Session in Buffalo, Ohio
Carefully placing babies onto towels behind backdrop. Mom and Grandma holding backdrop. Photos By Tonya Time Made Beautiful.
How-to Baby Safety in Newborn Photography Photos By Tonya Time Made Beautiful.
Rings on Toes at mom’s request. Photos By Tonya Time Made Beautiful.

After color correction, cropping, compositing 2 photos together to give mom what she desired (an image with their wedding rings on their infant’s toes), and editing in a wall background in Photoshop here is the finished result:

Specialized Art from Your Newborn Session with Photos By Tonya Time Made Beautiful.
Twins, teddybears, and a lion oh my! Photos By Tonya Time Made Beautiful.

Safety and comfort was practiced by the whole session taking place on top of towels under a blanket backdrop laid on the floor.

Yeah, but what about the one with the baby held up in the air? That’s real right?

No. That’s all a shift in perspective on how you view it. It’s actually photographed with the baby and parent’s hands on a black backdrop with the baby laying on a well stuffed beanbag for safety. Here’s before and after below:

Baby on beanbag with mom’s hands against baby’s back. I’m standing at the baby’s feet and camera overtop of them both. No stool or ladder used to stand on. Safety is important. Photos By Tonya Time Made Beautiful.
Safety First in Photography. Photos By Tonya Time Made Beautiful
Changing the way you view the image by rotating it. Photos By Tonya Time Made Beautiful.
How-to, Newborn Safety, Photos By Tonya Time Made Beautiful.
Cropping and enlarging the area above to give the illusion of the baby being held up in the dark sky. Background then painted all the same shade of black. Photos By Tonya Time Made Beautiful.
Newborn, Baby, Infant Photographer Buffalo, Byesville, Cambridge, Senecaville Ohio
Finished results after changing to iconic black and white (monochrome). Photos By Tonya Time Made Beautiful.

So, you see, not all is what it looks like when you see the final image or photo. Never place a baby on a shelf to take their picture unless said shelf is laying on the floor. Never place a baby in your hands and hold them up like in the image above to take their photo. Use the steps I just provided you with if you are going to take their photos yourself. Never allow a photographer to place your baby at risk. A knowledgeable photographer knows the tricks on how to obtain the photo you desire without placing you or your baby at risk.

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