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Hey folks!

Together we raised a total of $420 for Open Arms Pregnancy Centers Walk for Life Event. I cannot thank you all enough for your support of our community. OAPC raised over $18,000.

Unfortunately I had to modify my walk due to the fact that the arch in my foot dropped again. Therefore, I was only able to walk a very short distance around my house. Due to the pain in my foot I did not take any photos. I had originally planned to take my camera and take photos of the scenery during the walk. On the prior years I had taken photos with my phone. I also had to cut back at work as a nurse a little bit too due to my foot. I worked my regular shifts but was unable to pick up any overtime hours.

The morning of the walk I had just finished a 7 night straight stretch so I was hurting pretty bad. I did make it into Cambridge to turn in the paperwork and donations. They took my picture but I probably looked a fright LOL. I have not seen them use it. I can only imagine from the pain I was in that my picture probably looked like Frankenstein’s cousin. Oh my!

Here is an assumption of what I might have looked like that morning:

Me as a Zombie
Me as a Zombie…The Frankenme?

Actually, I think I looked worse on that morning than in this picture LOL. Such is life. Some days are up days and some days are down days. Next year tho….I’ll make sure my foot is in good shape. 😉 We will tackle that walk just like we did in the previous years.

As for now, I am still working on making art. I am talking to a few people about possible baby and or maternity sessions…oh the cuteness…I can hardly wait!

TimeMadeBeautiful on Etsy will have more items available soon. The drafts are ready on some items but I have ordered test prints first. If the test prints are worthy then the items will appear for sale in my shop. I always do a test print on the art that I sell. My monitors and WHCC printers are calibrated so that what I see on my monitor is what they print. Yet still, I prefer to do test prints; Artist Proofs are what they are called. I just want to make sure that what I sell in my shop is of good quality and exactly what I saw on my monitor. That way you won’t be disappointed with your purchase.

Heart & Soul Poetry & Praise on YouTube has many poems in the works in various stages of development with art accompanying many of the poems. ‘A Lily for Benjamin’ was recently released there and dedicated to all those who have lost a child whether it be by miscarriage, sickness, accidental death, or even other nefarious means. My heart goes out to you all.

At this time I would like to take time for a shout out to my elderly neighbor woman who is as spry as a chicken. She keeps an eye on my house and the goings on there day and night. She has also taken it upon herself to tend to my yard as she believes working odd hours and busy shifts is no excuse for a unkempt yard and flowerbeds. I do miss my lavender. She mistook it as a weed. She has informed me to put stones around the plants I intend to keep LOL.  I am trying to comply. I have even fenced in my tomatoes and my Russian Sage as I already know she thinks its a weed. However, without her help, my yard most surely would look unkempt right now. Thank you God for my neighbor woman. 🙂 As soon as this C-vid crap lifts and the restaurants open we are making a trip to Amish country.  Looking forward to a change of pace and a good meal that I don’t have to cook myself.

Oh yeah, and I still have to start the cooking channel that I have promised everyone. Too many irons in the fire? Maybe, but it keeps me out of trouble and the bills paid.

Love and Life,


P.S. I also took a day off from everything and attended the most beautiful wedding I have ever been to. I cried from the beginning to the end. Now that was a celebration full of joy, love, life, and a testimony of Christ. Total awesomeness! The wedding photogs did an amazing job both in capture and in post production. It couldn’t have happened at a better time.  Love, love, love…


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