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Hearts in Nature Collection. Photographer: Tonya M. Brill of Photos by Tonya Time Made Beautiful, TimeMadeBeautiful shop on Etsy, and Heart & Soul Poetry & Praise.

I have great memories capturing each Heart. Top Left is ‘Astillbe My Heart’ captured when the walkway extended to the old country apple tree. The Astillbe thrived along that walkway. Long since gone now, this was a memory of a beautiful day. If you know anything about an Astillbe, then you know it only grows in random circular blooms. When I saw this was in a heart shape I knew I had to capture it. I just felt like God was sending me little messages to let me know He cares. Truly He does.

Top Center is ‘Heart Toadstool’ captured when I had a pile of logs along the deck for use in the wood burner. As the winter drew on and became very wet for that year, I got to watch as this heart slowly emerged. Seeing it take heart shape I decided to watch it continue to develop during the year until I captured what you see here. While it was a true joy to watch this slowly take shape, the log pile had to be dismantled due to an ant infestation. Because the wood had remained too wet it was not able to be burned. No worries, the EPA had come through town and had made everyone change from septic tanks to sewer system. They left me a big whole in the yard. So that is where the pile of wood went…compost style. It now grows beautifully thick green grass. Ah, theĀ  memories lol.

Top Right is ‘Country Snow Heart’ captured after a snow storm. I remember as clear as day. I walked outside with my camera to see what I could capture. Always something interesting after a snow storm if you have a mind to bundle up so your hands don’t shake as you take photographs. It was cold and still windy. I looked over at my cousin, Tim’s, shelter for the goats across the fence line that divides our properties and there it was. A perfect heart in snow with each half mirroring the other almost perfectly. As soon as I captured this image the wind blew and the heart was gone. This is the only image of that moment in time. It reminds me of how delicate, fragile, and brief time is. We often think of it stretching on to eons, especially when we are doing what we do not like to do. However, it really is brief. It is linear and eternal. In one linear second that heart was gone. However, I get to share its essence with you eternally. It continues to live on in the eyes of everyone who beholds it. That’s powerful. That’s God. Right place. Right time.

Bottom Left is ‘Love in a Dry Place’ captured of course during one of our yearly droughts. Yeah, Ohio is some state lol. Freezing you in the winter, drown you in the spring, give you drought in the summer, then compost you in leaves in the autumn while making your eyes tear up and bringing allergies to an all time high. I was carrying in the groceries from my car to the house and noticed this little heart shape bit of grass. I grabbed the camera, of course! I at first wasn’t sure it would fit in with the other images…its just grass. Nothing really spectacular about it other than it was heart shaped and still green in a drought. I had to sit on this one a little bit. I realized God was telling me that He was taking care of me no matter the season…of weather or of life. How could I not think it would fit right in? Its special because it was still green and growing in spite of a drought. So it is with all those who believe in God. We will still be green and growing in spite of life’s droughts and we are still loved. I am very happy to conclude that ‘Love in a Dry Place’ does indeed belong with all of the Hearts of Nature Collection.

Bottom Middle is ‘Morning Glory Leaf Heart’ one of the very first photos captured in this collection. There used to be a little purple Morning Glory that would grow beside the old fence that faced the front yard. I haven’t seen it for a long while. While trying to capture the color purple of its flower (purple is a hard one for digital cameras to capture properly…they usually tend to make it too blue) I decided to also capture its leaf as it is the shape of a heart. I had seen other photographers capture various foliage and thought it would be neat to try my hand at it. I have had ‘Morning Glory Leaf Heart’ sitting in a table top stand for 3 years next to my couch. After receiving many compliments on it, I felt it time to reveal the Hearts in Nature Collection instead of keeping it all to myself.

Bottom Right is ‘Wasp Nest Community Heart’ an amazing find that was built by wasps on the end of a wild grapevine attached to the garage at the end of my property. When I saw that it took my breath away. I had to lean up tight against the fence and contort my body to get the right angle so that you too could see this beauty of a heart. All the other wasp nests that I have seen have never ever been shaped like a heart. The preacher at church was teaching about what all we could accomplish if we as the church, the body of Christ, came together as an actual community instead of as strangers sitting in pews. Break bread together, help each other, see to each others needs, encourage each other, have real relationships/friendships and not be fake/false. Community=Love. Talk about an example of what working together as a community should look like. These wasps are teaching humans what can be accomplished in an act of coming together. Community. Home. Future. Love. To me Love=Jesus.

Hearts in nature are everywhere for you to see if you just open up your heart to see them.

Be blessed my peeps!

Love and Life,


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