Paper, Paper, Paper! I Have to Pick the Right One.

So, for the new Home Decor Art that I am wanting to release in my shop TimeMadeBeautiful on Etsy I have to pick the right paper to print it on. I have narrowed it down to a Deep Mat Print or Hahnemuhle Torchon. In a couple of days I will have my test prints on both and make the final decision. Here are the images I chose to use as the subjects of the test prints.  I will report back later on which paper will make the prints look their best. Very excited to share all this with you! Enjoy the images below.

As always,

Love and Life,


Chives Seed Flower Head by TMB. This would look great in the kitchen, dining room, or entryway.
Bees of the Garden 1 by TMB is a set of 3. These images would be great for kitchen, dining room, entryway, and as a set would go great in your family room.

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