Construction and Change

Hi folks,

Construction of the website is almost complete. We are finally back online lol. There were a lot of hiccups along the way when we had to switch from one webhost to another. The former host decided to undergo changes and that made editing the website and checking our emails unavailable to us most of the time. Now we are able to keep you updated with the exciting changes to our new studio.

Life certainly has had its changes for me personally as I underwent a divorce when I discovered  the man I had married was not who he portrayed himself to be. I also lost several family members including my mother. Losing mom was very difficult for me. Grieving is hard. It hurts. Deeply. However, there is good news as I decided I needed to look at my life and its happenings through a new perspective.

I discovered that I have developed a short tolerance for emotional vampires as there is too much good in life to miss by allowing others to rob me of my time, energy, and focus just to listen to more “oh woe is me” drama from those who could do more and be more if only they applied themselves.¬† Developing that short tolerance has been a long time coming. It now allows me to focus on what I love to do.

I have discovered that I have no more anchors. All that has kept me tied down…my word given and promises made…has either been fulfilled or been made null and void due to circumstances beyond my control. I now have freedom. The world is my oyster as someone once said. So more freedom and less worries equals a more structured business, better work ethic, and a happier, healthier Tonya.

So what does that mean for you?

It means that Photos By Tonya Time Made Beautiful now more than ever has not just the idea of but the capability to set goals for better service and customer care. We have the ability and drive to exceed our goals set for us to exceed customer satisfaction and obtain customer exhilaration.

As I now have the freedom to finally be me, so my business now has the freedom to become all that it can be.

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God is Good!



Welcome to the home page of Photos by Tonya Time Made Beautiful.

This website is under construction due to transferring the domain to a new host.

We appreciate your patience while we get organized here.